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Gold to Regain Its Gleam!

By: Chris Vermeulen | Sat, Jan 21, 2017

One question that gold investors are asking now is, will 2017 be as spectacular for the yellow metal as it was in 2016? The short and sweet answer to this is YES.

The dollar, gold and the major U.S. stock exchanges will all see new highs. Gold is currently in a "complex corrective correction" while experiencing its' last pullback, beforehand.

Both the short-term outlook and the long-term outlook for gold is BULLISH! Trumps' victory win is a positive for gold bulls. Policy uncertainty and slowing growth, following a Trump win, will stoke the yellow metals' price in 2017.

Gold prices have been under pressure since the Trump victory, but the long-term scenario for gold is that it is parabolic. The global economy is still in contraction. Global Center Bankers continue with monetary easing, leading to currency debasement. Interest rates continue to slide into negative territory in Europe and Asia. Gold's investment appeal will encounter a period of time before it generates positive yields. Gold, as an investment, will once again be back in vogue. As prices rally, investment demand will only rise further, taking everyone by surprise.

The demand for gold jewelry has been declining within the large gold-consuming nations. The gold investors will call the shots in this new 'bull' market of gold. Current supply constraint has cushioned gold prices from the rally in the U. S. dollar.

This is the last great buying opportunity for gold before it makes its' next historic run in 2017 and beyond.

Latest Value(s):

- Last Reading: 1.0
- Extreme Values:
- Excessive Optimism: 8.0

Gold Risk Levels Weekly Chart

Latest Value(s):
- Last Reading: 34.0
- Extreme Values:
- Excessive Optimism: 75.0
- Excessive Pessimism: 30.0

Gold Optix

Gold Hedgers Positions
Latest Value(s):

- Last Reading: -134022.0
Extreme Values:

The green dotted line is 1 standard deviation above the 3-year average; the red dotted line is 1 standard deviation below the 3-year average.

Gold Hedgers Position

The Drivers!

A key factor that has driven investments in gold is the negative interest rate in Europe, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, and Switzerland. The sovereign debt of approximately one third of the developed countries traded with a negative yield while an additional 40% of the countries had yields below 1%.

Gold prices will be driven more by its' value as an 'investment asset class'. Gold will supersede investments in other 'asset classes' such as equity and bonds in due time.

The massive U.S. debt continues to spiral out of control. The Treasury Department's printing presses are cranking out hundreds of billions of dollars in new money. European countries are imploding financially and the entire European Union is at risk of a collapse. These 'geopolitical' factors will be driving the demand for gold as a 'safe haven'.

The global 'retail' investment market is well positioned for growth what with demand for gold in China, India, Germany and the U.S. for 2017.

Social media is a 'key driver' which is critical in both China and India. Financial advisors and financial websites are the key drivers in the U.S. markets. In Germany, banks play the most important influence; 'Protect wealth against the system'. It has a competitive advantage compared to other investment options.

Jordan Eliseo, Chief Economist at precious-metals dealer ABC Bullion, says "Gold retreated about 18 percent from its year-to-date high. Afterward, it gained 26 percent in the first half of 2016. The decline so far, this year has been about 15 percent from its year-to-date high. Gold, is setting up for another rally in fashion like last year. The recent correction has already drawing in some investors to buy what they see as cheap metal."

On December 14th my trading partner accurately forecasted the recent bottom in gold which you can see in this gold market forecast.

Here is the chart:

SPDR Gold Trust Shares Weekly Chart

He then took things a step further and entered into a NUGT (3x long gold miners ETF) with subscribers and recently locked in 50% profit on the first half and is up over 70% on the balance as of Fridays closing price.


Weekly Gold Chart

The constructing on this new infrastructure is going to require a lot of new money. The country is already close to $20 trillion in debt, so if the administration plans to make this one of their priorities, it is going to have to print it.


Nixon closed the gold window on August 15th, 1971 and consequently, the world entered a new era. For the first time in history, all the world's monies were unbacked fiat currencies, adrift on a sea of floating exchange rates. This stopped the redemption of currency for gold. Today, gold reserves are nothing more than an asset listed on the FEDS' balance sheet. Gold had stopped being an integral part of our financial monetary system.

At the top of international commerce, money managers had always known the dangers of 'currency risk', but now every currency has become a 'soft currency'. Recognition of 'currency risk' seeped down into the knowledge chain, but on the street of personal financial management, despite it being 45 years later, not many have caught on to the concept.

Golds' strength is in the role of 'wealth protection'. It is a 'safe haven' and its 'independence' from the global financial system makes it a great investment for the future. Gold is still good value for those who do not own any to accumulate ounces.

(article source)

7 Crucial Life Events A Financial Planner Can Help You With

More often than not, we meet financial planners who are attached to particular companies. Although they purport to offer good and free advice, they normally have specific products that they tend to push down your throat. What they don’t tell you is that they are actually more of salesmen than advisors. The journey to fruitful financial planning begins with receiving quality advice from an unbiased advisor. This is an advisor who takes time to listen to you, understand your specific goals before offering advice based on prevailing circumstances. While you don’t always need to consult a financial planner on a frequent basis, there are particular situations where you can benefit the most by investing in a financial check-up.

1. The First Time You Are Employed

It doesn’t matter how much or how meager your initial pay is. The moment you land your first job is just the perfect chance for you to grab a few words of advice from a financial planner. Not only can doing this help you enhance your retirement plans, it can help you make the most of your paycheck. Remember, wealth creation is a continuous process. By getting your strategy right from an early stage, you can easily maximize on your potential to achieve momentous growth. And best of all, this can be done as a one-off consultation meaning you may not need to engage with a financial planner for years afterwards.

2. If you are settling down in marriage or divorce

Financier losses are a common scenario in both marriages and separations. By seeking the services of a financial planner, it is possible to minimize potential losses especially in divorce situations. Also, engaged couples can find an easier way to combine their income and assets as they settle down in marriage. Bringing in a third-party helps protect you from making emotional mistakes. Besides that, it can help protect you from controversial situations or suggestions which are historically known to deny some people their hard-earned wealth in and out of marriages e.g. controversial pre-nuptials.

3. To manage large sums of money

There is something about receiving large, unexpected sums of money that most people seem to struggle with – and that is ensuring maximum value is derived from every cent earned or received. A past study conducted by the Ohio State University found that majority of people save only 50 per cent of large sums of money received as inheritance. In fact, many are those who end up living in poverty as a result of making a series of ill-informed financial mistakes. Regardless of the amount of one’s windfall, linking up with a financial advisor can help in realization of full value of such opportunities, essentially improving your financial health.

4. For better care to aging parents

Aging parents generally prefer to stay in their homes. This means you have to find a dedicated care-giver to support them. But with the average cost of a health aide being in excess of €45,000, raising such monies and ensuring their proper use requires more than just layman’s knowledge. It is in your best interest to work with a financial planner at all times in order to ensure efficient utilization of such resources.

5. During retirement planning

When time to take a rest from your many years of employment comes, the best way to ensure a comfortable and fruitful lifestyle is to consult with a planner well ahead of the quit date. Most people however, make the mistake of thinking about retirement planning at the very last minute. This makes it extremely difficult to put in place foolproof measures and this can in turn affect the quality of one’s sunset years. The best time to invite in a financial planner in regards to retirement planning is 10 to 15 years in advance. Remember, you are never too young or too old to plan for retirement. In fact, the ideal time to start doing this is immediately you turn 40. By taking stock of your situation in good time, you will have plenty of time to make necessary adjustments and even save more if necessary.

6. When considering passing on your wealth

We are all humans and there comes a time when we have to be separated with our money. This is why it is wise to ponder upon matters of estate planning. In that case, working with a financial planner not only helps you avoid the stress associated with taxes, expenses and beneficiaries. Matters of wealth sharing tend to get emotive and sometimes no matter how well you distribute it there will always be someone complaining. There are also a number of legal hurdles to be fought along the way. As such, trying to handle this entire process alone can leave you susceptible to commonplace mistakes, which can put an entire estate in jeopardy. It is therefore best to work with a skilled planner in order to ensure the best possible outcome from such crucial life decisions.

7. When your wealth grows past the quarter million mark

Visiting a financial planner the first day you start earning a salary or profit (for those in business) is what is generally recommended. This is usually a one-off visit, which means most people tend to forget about the crucial role played by an expert in improving the quality of decisions made. Consultations are particularly important when one’s wealth exceeds the €250,000 mark. Industry trends show that once people clock €150,000 to €250,000 in assets, they tend to get a little too emotional with their funds. Some end up making irrational decisions which can often cause unwarranted losses and suffering.

Rather than allowing this to happen, it is a wise idea to develop a working relationship with an independent, fee-based financial planner. Being a third-party, they are more likely to take objective decisions rather than emotional ones. Moreover, because they are familiar with different industry trends, they can offer much-needed investment growth advice.

Besides helping you make strategic decisions, an advisor can help you understand different tax laws that apply to you. What most people don’t know is that when you accumulate more than €500,000 in assets, your finance and legal world completely changes. No matter how skilled or disciplined you are with your money, you may find that bringing in a professional does more good than harm.

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