Regal Assets Gold + Cryptocurrency IRA + Affiliate Program Reviewed

stocksWe have all heard the arguments against the reliance on stock market investment or cash alone for our retirement funds and in the security of precious metals, and this is only increasing as more and more gold companies appear on advertisements declaring the wisdom of gold investments in IRAs and the diversification of retirement portfolios.

The process should be straightforward enough, set up a suitable retirement fund, make some clever purchases in gold, silver, platinum and palladium, keep them safely secured until retirement and then enjoy the benefits in the future; the problem, however, is in choosing the right gold company to do business with.

Regal Assets is a name that is sure to be familiar to many by now and has clearly shown itself to be the biggest and most respected name around because of impressive ratings and exposure.

The aim of this Regal Assets review is to take a closer look at what is actually going on with the company – the products, customer service, accreditations and other details – to understand whether or not this automatic tag of “number one gold company” is actually deserved. Should you go with Regal Assets, like so many others have, or should you try elsewhere?


Who are Regal Assets?

Before we can start going into detail about the products and specific benefits of using this company and talking about user Regal Assets reviews, it is a good idea to take a look at the company’s place within the market.

At the moment they are certainly world renowned because of the fantastic press that has been received – the company making it into Forbes’ 2013 investment guide and to the top of many independent lists – but it is important to remember that this is not some new kid on the block trying to sneak into the crowd with a fresh take on gold investment, as is the case with a number of other options.

Instead, this Burbank-based company has been in business for over 50 years with 16 offices across the world, meaning they have plenty of experience with the rising and falling economy and trends in precious metals, unlike those that are simply jumping on the gold-investment bandwagon.

This is a fantastic starting point for choosing a company but experience is not everything.

Regal Assets gold options are the popular choice but how do they fare on some of the key criteria consumers have in mind?

There are many important elements to look for when choosing a gold company to do business with but some of the most important are as follows: knowledge of the market, a good product selection, their attitude towards their customers, the fine print of the services and their general reputation as a company.

As the reputation of Regal Assets pretty much precedes it these days it is easy to simply assume that it is the ideal choice over the rest of the competition but this review wants to go deeper than that.

What are the specific aspects about this company’s approach and products that makes it stand out from the other leading names on the market? Why are they automatically seen as being the number 1, reliable gold company.


Knowledge of the market:

The first place to start is with a company’s knowledge of the market they are dealing with; any company that is uncertain, highly specialised or worse, misinformed, could easily be inexperienced and likely to lead people down the wrong path. Regal Assets have shown they can be trusted to a certain degree with the length of time they have been operating but this is only enhanced by the information presented to consumers on their website and the breadth of the topics.

In addition to the standard FAQ section about procedures that we all expect to see there are also a number of clear, informative pages available explaining the benefits of investing in gold, the different options of transfers and rollovers within gold retirement plans and much more.

Another odd little quirk is the use of charts on the price of precious metals. Offering them for free for customers to put on their websites and blogs may be a little gimmicky but it is still a helpful aid.


The product selection:

Of course there is not a lot of point having lots of informative pages for customers to browse if there isn’t a great product selection to go with it. What buyers ideally want is a great selection of metals to buy as well as retirement plans, such as these IRAs that people can rollover their funds into.

The best precious metal retirement funds are built up with a range of metals to secure the fund and diversify a portfolio away from cash.

Regal assets provide this range as they have different sections clearly marked for bullion, gold coins, silver coins and proof coins and well as the gold IRA and other retirement plans.

In addition to this, they also offer a buy back service that is upfront and honest as it works on the day’s market price not their own estimates.

There are too many stories of companies agreeing to buy back gold, waiting a short while and then setting a higher quote when it suits them but this is not the case with Regal Assets gold.

Their attitude towards their customers:
With any company, we want to be put first as a client and to be treated as an individual with personal needs. This should be pretty straightforward but it is surprising how many companies fail to do this.

There are many gold companies prioritising the sales of the precious metals over the relationship with the client; either they aggressively push what it currently hot on the market with no interest in the client’s opinions or worse, they push what they are forced to by management with no relation to market trends, which then means customers can be cheated out of the best option.

Regal Assets do not do this at all.

They are well-known for their personalised service and consideration towards all clients and this is seen in many ways, from the use of the complimentary roll-over kit, to the ongoing notifications on processes and the 23hr online customer support.


The fine print of the different services:

In the end, there is so much more to buying and owning gold and dealing with a gold company than the initial transaction and you need to be sure of the fees, security options and other fine details to the plan.

Fees are important as every company is different. While some operate on sliding scales and can be a little uncertain, Regal Assets has the benefit of not only having fixed fees on admin and storage fees but waiving those costs for the first year.

This storage is also advantageous in that the metals are shipped to a secure vault insured by Lloyds of London and there is the option of segregated storage.

Regal Assets’ attitude towards the fees and security is enhanced by the speed with which they provide these services in relation to other options.

They promise that all applications will be processed within 24 hours of receiving the request and there are reports of metals being delivered to the vault in just 7 days because the process is completely electronic. There is no sitting and waiting for papers to sign and no long waits while precious metals are in transit.


The reliability of the company:

Looking at the reliability of a company like this requires two approaches. Naturally, online customer Regal Assets reviews are a great starting point because they provide real experiences but there are also plenty of independent review sites and boards determining the accreditation of a company.

The BBB website is always the best starting point when checking out a company and what is particularly encouraging with Regal Assets is that there have been no complaints about it in the last three years. This is pretty impressive, especially when it is considered that so many other companies have at least a few from disgruntled clients who received the wrong product or whose delivery was a bit late.

As a result, the BBB give Regal Assets their highest rating of A+, citing their wealth of background information and length of operation as contributing factors.

It is a very similar story over at the BCA (again no complaints in three years) and they give the company an AAA rating. This means both badges can be proudly displayed on the homepage; if you come across a company with no sign of any rating from these boards then it is best to keep looking.

This idea of a lack of complaints continues with the user reviews on sites like Yelp and Trustlink and there is an overwhelming sense of customer satisfaction that does not seem to be contested by anyone at all. Regal Assets state “we are proud to say we have a 99.9% client satisfaction rating” and while it is understandable that they would not want to put 100% to seem more modest and realistic, the results suggest they possibly could at the moment.


regal assetsAt the time of writing, the company had a 5 star Trust link rating based on 582 reviews and no complaints on yelp. Comments are varied but many revolve around the concepts of customer service and the overall experience, such as those clients that say the company are a pleasure to work with due to their consumer friendly approach.


Summary: why are Regal Assets such a force to be reckoned with when it comes to gold investments?

Before stating the final verdict of this Regal Assets review there is something important to note about the information that has been provided and its tone. There is a clear sense that this company has ticked all the required boxes in the evidence presented for the main criteria and that it passes all tests through consumer feedback and official accreditation with flying colours.

All the comments are positive, with very little hint at negative actions or omissions in their product line, and that is not because they were left out of the review but simply because they were not found.

The consumers and BBB have nothing to complain about, the information on products, services and fees appears to be completely upfront and there are no glaring problems.

It is this clean bill of health that means it is impossible not to recommend Regal Assets as a company to do business with; however, our recommendation is more specifically due to the great performance on the subjects that matter most.

On a knowledgeable approach it scores well on the availability of information and time in business, with the product selection it has a wealth of precious metals and retirement options, with the customer service it impresses with its personalised approach and support, with the fine print there is transparency on the low fees and delivery times and with the reliability issue there are stunning ratings from users and official boards.

Simply put, people should choose Regal Assets over all the others because it performs in all categories when many others tend to have crucial failings and there is a wonderful sense of reliability and Simplicity.

All you need to do to get started is fill in the form because they then deal with your custodian so you can get started on dealing in precious metals, gold IRAs or whichever option you both agree is best for you. It is a simple affordable step to a rewarding, customer-focused relationship, great retirement options and financial security – not every gold company can promise that.

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