USI-Tech Bitcoin Investment Fund Review – Scam? My Experience

Last updated: September 28th 2017

This my personal review of USI-Tech, which some may have thought was a scam (I too thought that, not anymore, read below to see why I changed my opinion).

Bitcoin over the years
I’ve been a member since April of this year, I invested 7 bitcoin at the time.

So – I recommend to allocate 30% of your investment portfolio to cryptocurrencies.

This may seem too risky to many, but holding all of your savings in fiat currency (euros, dollars, pounds, yen, etc) is even riskier.

Cryptocurrencies are a paradigm-shift in both technology and economics which is set to disrupt many industries to their core, and may even disrupt governments.

I consider myself a prudent contrarian, and have done well in my investments following that ethos.

So – the USI-Tech system holds your funds in bitcoin-denominated packages, each package costing $55/€52 in bitcoin; and offers an automated, consistent profit-producing system which trades Forex and cryptocurrencies, along with crypto-currency mining.

The business pays approximately 1% or slightly less return on capital (gains) per working day, (compound, if you have the auto-rebuy setting active).

Our focus will be on this Bitcoin investment package offered by USI-Tech.

So you’re getting a double whammy of potential upside, i.e. you get paid bitcoin per day, and all of your funds are held in bitcoin, so if bitcoin keeps going up long-term (which is pretty likely in our opinion) then this looks like a very attractive investment.

With auto-rebuy switched on, you get the most out of the power of compounding, and your account value grows very fast, as in 3.7 times your investment per year growth.

The thing I like most about USI-Tech (unlike almost all other MLMs) is that it’s completely free to join.

You can literally register and start recruiting people and when they lodge bitcoin into their account and buy packages you earn commission as a percentage equivalent of their investment.

This consists of an up-front bonus calculated as 10% equivalent of the total bitcoin that they deposit, and 10% equivalent of their own return on capital (profits).

Very lucrative.

People that your direct recruits bring in (your group members) will earn you 3% on each level, so the recruiting is a very good way to earn more money.

So, as I said, USI-Tech get new people into their system using multi-level marketing (MLM), where existing members get a commission from people they bring in using their unique partner link (with a downline to 12 levels).



One of the main questions that I typically get when someone’s looking into USI-Tech is, is this company legit, right? That’s a question that a lot of people have.

Because ever since I got into the Bitcoin space, it seems like a ton of companies come and go. You know, you’ll join one and their website will disappear.

But let me just share with you that this company, and I didn’t think this until the past September, but now I’m of the opinion that USI-Tech are a solid operation, as (amongst other things) they are now legal and compliant in the USA including with the US SEC.

I’m more confident than ever, due to the changes they have made, and how open and visible that the owners of USI-Tech are, that this company will be around for a long time.

My personal strategy is to log in every Saturday and do a “force rebuy” which rebuys as many packages as possible using my available bitcoin balance earned that week. This makes sure that my bitcoin packages compound.

At 5% or more payout per week, this means that I have exponential growth of capital over a few years, so my €10k invested will turn into a few hundred thousand euro over the coming three years, that’s assuming that bitcoin will stay the same in value, but that won’t happen, it will probably go up, a lot.

With the automatic rebuy setting switched on, the system compounds your packages up every working day and your exponential returns is HUGE over time.

usi tech return on capital calculation

Down below, I’m going to transcribe for you what they talked about at the USA launch event in early September 2017.

So USI Tech, they’re still here today. They’re not a gone tomorrow type of company. They have four owners that are not afraid to associate themselves with the company, get on stage and talk, or do interviews which are on Youtube for all to see.

One of the biggest things you that you need to be aware of with an MLM company, when you’re joining a Bitcoin opportunity, or any opportunity, is, are the owners willing to put their names and faces on the company?
bitcoin as an investment
Because here’s the thing, if they turn out to be some kind of scam, or Ponzi scam, or whatever, if the owner’s name is out there in the open, and everybody knows who they are and they know the company, where it’s located. If their name is attached to it, those people go to jail, right?

Those people go to jail. They are actually held accountable for their company.

So, that’s not, obviously, the only reason why a company would be legal. You know, because obviously, there’s people that start companies, and they put their name on it, and they go out of business. But, the likelihood of that happening is very rare. In fact, if you look at any Bitcoin opportunity that has come and gone. Every single one of them, there was no ownership listed anywhere. You had no clue who owned it.

Why do they do that? Because they’re setting themselves up to be able to scam people. That’s literally what they’re doing. Because if they go out of business, no one hurts. Nobody gets taken down. There’s nothing you can do about it.

So if there’s any red flag out there on a company, do the company’s owners stand behind their products and services? Do they tell you who they are? Are they transparent about what they do? And if they are, the likelihood of it being a scam is very, very, low.

I’m not going to talk about all the legalities of the company, that’s not my place. So what I’m going to do is, I’m going to print here exactly what was said on stage during a USA live event, where one of the owners and top USA reps talk about the legality of USI-Tech.

All right. So I’m going to turn you over to that. If you want to find out more about our team and how we can help you within USI Tech, the link is below. If you want to get some help with getting your account set up and funded and earning you bitcoin, then please use our contact page and we will help you out any way we can.


“We just have literally over one hundred hours, and spent, I don’t even know how much money, to make sure that everything is completely legal in the US. And that’s not just from the financial product standpoint, it’s from the network marketing standpoint, too.

I’m gonna settle a lot of stuff up here. We hired the best network marketing attorney in the world, Kevin Thompson. He’s been a real asset for us about four months ago. And what he did, he looked at our business from a network marketing perspective. Okay.

He gave us eight recommendations to be legal in the US. Eight. Every one of those recommendations has being put in place as we speak. Every single one of those. The last recommendation that we had he said, “You can need a FCC attorney. Your day-to-day operations need a FCC attorney.” So Horst went around the country, and we searched out, and found the very top FCC attorney. You know what, I could do that thing myself. Even in the country. The very, very best of the very, very top.

And we’re gonna tell you who he is in a minute. We’re gonna show you some things from his letter. But, this is our attorney. We pay his fees. That doesn’t mean that our members and our associates can pick up the phone and call our attorney. Okay. You are welcome to do that, but if you do it, he’s going to bill you $450 an hour. Okay. So, you know, we were paying out to talk to our attorney, he got thousands of calls from members.

And that just can’t happen. So we have set a precedent that says if you guys pick up the phone to call our attorney, which you really don’t need to do anymore. And think of something you don’t need to do that. But, if you decide to do it, that’s fine. But, you do it at $450 an hour. How many people in this room right now, have ever said to them that this is a scam? [inaudible 00:06:29] It’s a Ponzi scheme. Is this one of those pyramids? Well, guys, we have nine minutes and fifty-three seconds to tell you why all of those things are gonna be ancient very soon.

Man 2: First of all, I have to tell you a story, true story. When I was a young, a kid. I grew up beside US military bases in Germany. I lived beside a US military bases. And more or less, it was a little USA for me, as a child. So I realized all of it. I experienced all of these things like American cars, American people, American football. And the first candies and sweet drinks. All of the small USA, my world. So I fell in love with USA.

The first time I was in the USA, that was when I was 26. So that’s a bit of background of my relation to the USA. And during the last months, honestly, I can tell you. Even my co-founder they were telling me, we should close down our USA operations.

That’s the truth. Because everybody was telling us, be careful, that’s dangerous. Don’t do it. And you have so many other markets in this world. But, not me. So I kept on going. I was doing everything on the advice of our lawyers and our consultants. And that’s where we are now. We are a real company, with a real product. With all the confirmations you can get. And that’s what we’re gonna show you now.

Man 1: Okay. Look up at the screen guys. This is a private, and confidential letter sent to Horst and myself, okay. And this letter, first of all. We’re having a little bit of a problem. Now I’m gonna tell you, not everybody is gonna get this letter, okay. What has been cleared, is that certain excerpts of this letter will be put on the internet and will be out there for you guys to use, okay. Park David is our attorney. And this first little excerpt says that, “This is a letter that is their legal opinion.” A legal opinion for an attorney is a binding document, it puts him on the hook, okay. This will go on the next slide.

In written opinions, we have reviewed and examined the following documents. All the legal sources including, but not limited to the case law, and regulatory notes, transcripts, and suggestions. So, what they’re saying in and after this in the letter got some truth that goes on for like nine pages of what they did, and where their research was from, and the case law behind all of their decisions. Go on to the next slide for me.

Our FOREX software, go ahead and take pictures of it. We’re okay with that. And I’m just going to generally talk about this FOREX software. What this says right here, is that our FOREX software has been looked at, has been examined. And is a legal product in the United States of America, according to the FTC and the SEC.

Okay, go to the next one. This is the explanation of the BTC package. And you can take pictures of this. We will look these up. I know Mark will have them up on Facebook before we leave.

This is the explanation of the BTC package. It is what it is. It is how it works. It has been examined by our lawyers and in their legal opinion, it is a legal product. It is legal to sell this product as a network marketing product in the United States of America. Okay, let’s move on. And then it goes on to, we render the following legal opinions.

How many people have had somebody say to them, “This isn’t a real company? They’re registered in Dubai. What the heck is that all about? Where’s their lock documents?”

Guess what? This document, this legal opinion says that USI-Tech Limited, and it’s got our registration number. That this attorney is now certifying that they have done all of the research. And they see that we are a business in good standing, an international business in good standing. And it is perfectly legal for us to do business in the United States of America.

Let’s move on to the next slide. This section here says, and again I’m just paraphrasing, that they have done research on our company, and our owners, and our leaders in the company. And they’re not aware of any litigation against us, our leaders, or our owners anywhere in the world at this time. And finally, maybe there’s two more. Oh yeah, compliance.

What’s that say? Something about the Federal Trade Commission? What that says is that our lawyers have done all of the research necessary. They have talked to the Federal Trade Commission, and they believe in their legal opinion, which is binding, that USI-Tech Limited is a legal network marketing company with their two products, the FOREX software and the BTC package, in the United States of America.

Now, I have had, I have had so many people ask me the question, is it real? Ask me the question, are they real? Ask me the question, can I do this? Is it legal? Because of this man’s hard work. Because of this man’s dedication to making the United States of America a place where we can do business properly. On Friday or Thursday afternoon, Horst and I received this letter. And it changed our lives.

And now, I’m giving it to you to change your lives. [inaudible 00:14:48]. If this isn’t enough ammunition for you guys, I don’t know what is.

Okay, there’s one more, I missed one. Oh yeah, this is the one. This is a good one. No, let me tell you something, the FTC that’s got regulations, that’s a good thing. But this one that says we meet all the network marketing regulations of their Act of 1975. So we are perfectly legal in the United States to operate as a network marketing company in all 50 states.

…This documentation, this legal opinion, you can now take these four different opinions out. And we will put them out for you to see. They’ll be on our Facebook page. They’ll be on our web page. You can take these out, and anybody that ever questions what you’re doing or the money that you’re making, or the transparency of the owners of this company. You guys asked for transparency. Now, how much more transparent can you get” [inaudible 00:16:14]


For more background, watch this video to listen to Horst Jicha (one of USI-Tech’s owners) talk candidly about USI-Tech. Thanks for reading.

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